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When you inquire about your specific date please include every detail you have so far - most importantly your date, location, style, and service needs. I will then be able to check my availability and make sure we are a good fit. It is important that the artist you choose suits not only your style, but also your personality. We will be starting off your day or even weekend, so make sure to choose an artist that fits your total vibe. To assure your date is held on my calendar I require both a deposit and a signed contract. 


My team provides both hair and makeup for your day. I have a few artists that I regularly work with based on their availability and the number of services. The artists that I hire to work with me provide the same quality of service along with style. I require that both bridal hair and bridal makeup is booked with me. For the bridal party, moms, or other attendees wishing to get beauty we do not require that both are booked however we do encourage it. My service minimum for booking is 6 including the bride. I can do a maximum of 8 services any more requires an assistant. Each assistant requires a minimum of 4 services for booking. 

My kit

I have a full hair and makeup kit with a wide range of shades along with products to suit any skin tone, any hair texture, and different product lines to suit any preference as well. I do have experience on a very wide range of skin tones along with a wide range of hair textures. I use only high quality, professional grade products. 


The first thing you learn about in cosmetology school is sanitation. I clean my kit between clients and jobs to ensure my products are extremely clean. I also deep clean my brushes between clients. At this time my team and I are wearing masks and are following the CDC guidelines to keep ourselves along with our clients safe and comfortable. 

Day of

Prior to the wedding day I will create a detailed timeline to keep your morning/day organized. It includes appointment time slots for each person receiving services. My team and I typically work on 45 minute time slots, but can also work on a condensed schedule if need be. I do block out an hour and a half for the bride to provide ample time. For makeup services we provide individual false lashes upon request along with touchup kits to keep you fresh throughout the day and evening. 


A wonderful add-on service is touchups. I can stay as long as you would like to keep your makeup and hair fresh, make sure everything is in place during photos, or even change up your beauty for your reception. Think of me as your beauty assistant for the day. It is just a little added on security to keep your look locked in all day and night. A quote will be provided upon request. 


I am always over the moon to travel for work. For destination weddings I do require travel and accommodations to be provided. A quote will be provided upon request - please provide every detail you can. 

Working with me

Being a small part in someones day brings me so much joy. I always think of working with a bride as a collaboration. I want to make you feel like you - just maybe a little more elevated. Something a lot of my brides tell me is "I want my fiancé to be able to recognize me". It is always my goal to stay within my clients comfort zone while helping them discover little tricks to help enhance their natural beauty. Think of it as a makeup / hair lesson along with your bridal booking. We are working together every step of the way. Now if you are more hands-off, don't want to deal with it kind of bride I've also got you covered just give me some parameters and we are good to go. 

Something I really enjoy is taking some of the stress off of my clients shoulders and making their getting ready period a breeze by creating a timeline that keeps everything running smooth. There is nothing better than being ready right on time if not early. 

My team provides services for all. Our services are custom to you and your needs on your wedding day. 

"beauty for all, beauty for you."


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. I am always happy to chat about my work. To inquire about your date please email jamrozybeauty@gmail.com. XO

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