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Skin Guide for the Modern Bride

Featuring my skin guru - esthetician Amy Tecosky of Kindred Studio!

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your business?

I’ve been an esthetician for 8 years and in the beauty industry for 13. Originally I went to esthetician school to become a make-up artist for film but fell in love with skincare instead!

My philosophy when it comes to skincare has evolved over the years, but I remain a firm believer that knowledge is power; this industry is ever-changing and we’re constantly learning new things about the skin and how to take care of it. My goal is to pass this on to my clients while giving them a dreamy, luxurious experience.

Kindred Studio is my business partner, Kelly Painter, and I’s answer to the spa industry. We wanted the flexibility to recommend whatever products would work best for our clients, regardless if we sold it or not, as well as the freedom to rebook based on each individual’s needs rather than our bottom line. Most of all, we want our services to feel warm, inviting and approachable. Our hope is that clients leave feeling empowered about their skincare and taken care of by their esthetician.

How often do you suggest getting regular facials? / What kind of timeline should a bride to be be on?

To put it simply: it depends! We always recommend that a bride come in for an initial get-to-know-you appointment after they get engaged. Typically The Kin is the best service for the first visit as it includes plenty of time to discuss goals, wedding timeline, home routine, and future facial plans.

How close to the wedding date should the last facial be scheduled? / Which is your favorite facial for that wedding day glow?

I recommend an oxygen facial (with exfoliation/extractions/etc) 1-2 weeks out from the wedding depending on the client’s skin. This is an excellent way to squeeze in some maintenance/pore clean out without getting too close to the actual day, while also making sure there’s no sensitivity to our oxygen treatment (which has almost never happened–better safe than sorry though!)

In the 48 hours before the wedding (typically thursday or friday morning for a saturday wedding) I recommend an oxygen TREATMENT only. This means no heat, extractions, etc. in order to avoid any sensitivity or purging. Wedding week is the time for calm, hydrating treatments that create a bridal glow only!

Any advice on skin prep for the night before / morning of (any fave products)?

Keep it super basic & hydrating. I’ll usually send people off with a sheet mask or an eye mask to put on the night before/morning of. The goal is to retain the results from the oxygen treatment as long as possible! No new products–that’s a recipe for disaster!

SOS I have a zit - what do I do?!

Don’t panic! Ice is your best friend. If you try to force a zit to the surface that isn’t ready, you’ll just make it worse. Ice throughout the day for a few minutes at a time to reduce inflammation and help your body reabsorb some of the cystic material. Sometimes a pimple patch or a sulfur spot treatment can save the day, but only in conjunction with ice!

Do’s and don’ts of skincare /tips and tricks. 

Do listen to your esthetician!
Don’t assume your friend’s skincare routine will work for you. Every single person is unique!
Do less rather than more. A good routine doesn’t require 20 steps (though it can if that’s what you prefer and your skin doesn’t get mad at you for it!)
Do wear SPF every single day. Yes, even if you work from home. If your plant is growing in your house, your skin is being exposed to UV rays.
Don’t try every tiktok trend–that way lies dermatitis.
Do ask questions! If your skin is irritated or you’re unsure about incorporating a product, I promise your esthi would rather address it rather than leave you in the dark!
Do check your products for pore cloggers if you’re acne-prone.
Don’t cleanse in the AM unless you’re super oily/acneic or you’re working out in the morning. Don’t use St. Ives and coconut oil. Just trust me.
Do have fun with your skincare–if it feels like work, let’s find one that fits your speed.

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